YUM! 18 Crazy Ways to SNEAK SNACKS Anywhere You Go || How to Sneak Food Into The Movies, Into Class

Sneaking food into the movies, your glass, and any other place you can think of

Sneaking tasty snacks into a class or the movies seems like a task for a top agent. Well, today, we show you some genius tips and tricks to help you take your favorite snacks with you and avoid spending any money getting new ones. Let’s start with school. We all know we can’t munch on our favorite snacks during a lesson, but a couple of innocent lollipops won’t do any harm. Well, one way to hide them is in your hair.

Another great trick is to use a Pringles container, stick all your snacks to it using double-sided tape and then place it on your hand. Then, wrap some bandage around it to make it look like you’ve got a broken arm, and voila.

Watch until the end to discover how to hide your favorite treats beneath your dress and many more genius hidey holes.

1:02 – The broken arm trick
2:02 – Hiding snacks in your hair
4:59 – Hiding snacks in class
7:02 – Empty soda cup trick
7:44 – Hiding snacks in your umbrella

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