Top Relaxing Compilation || SLIMES, CLAY, RESIN DIYs AND CRAFTS

What’s the most relaxing thing you can think of? We have a few ideas, but our favorites are making crafts with slime, epoxy resin, and clay! Today we have an amazing selection of crafts made with these materials and many more that will make you stare at your screen in awe and satisfaction. We’ll begin by showing you a little clay pot being made. The way the material to give the pot its shape is marvelous.

Bath bombs are fantastic for so many reasons, and making a soothing bubble bath is only one of them. In this video, you’ll see a bath bomb sizzling as it dissolves in a bowl of water. Ah, so calming! We’ll also show you a cute pattern that you can carve on a clay pot to help you unwind and make it prettier at he same time. If your cabinets need an upgrade, we’ll show you how to make cute knobs for them using resin, glitter, and a cupcake mold. We have many more crafts you won’t want to miss out on, so go on and click play!


0:49 – Making a clay pot
3:25 – Bath bomb explosion
4:24 – Cute pottery decoration
8:29 – Cupcake cabinet knobs
12:47 – Fixing broken glasses leg

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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