REUSE! 27 Easy Hacks & DIY Ideas to Recycle Anything by 5-Minute Craft

Incredible DIY tricks and other fantastic recycling hacks that will save you money

Are you looking for inspiration for your next craft project? Then, look no further than your own home. Today, we show you some incredible DIY crafts that will help you give a second life to the stuff you own.
Let’s start with furniture. From now on, you must save your egg cartons. You can dip them in the paint to give them some color and then stack them up to create a colorful stool. Another great little furniture idea is to make a beautiful couch for your little ones. Watch the video to see the step-by-step tutorial.
Did you know that you can use a plastic bucket to make your own DIY outdoor sink? This will be great for washing your veggies.
If you’re a big chocolate lover – like I am – then you can take the chocolate wrap and create a beautiful pencil case using a sewing machine.
Watch until the end to discover many more DIY furniture ideas and repurposing hacks.

1:09 – DIY mini couch
2:45 – How to insulate your wires with melted plastic
3:57 – DIY nail polish organizer
5:43 – DIY water filter container
8:11 – Cute DIY plant pot stand
9:56 – A beautiful succulent display

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