Our friends make our days so much better, don’t they? We go through life together, they’re there for us when we need them, and… they’re the perfect target for a prank! Of course, we love them, that’s why we love having fun with them. So, to show them a good time (and how much we care about them), we’re going to show you a few pranks you can play on them. If your friends are the nerdy kind who love going up to the board to answer questions, cover the chalkboard with soap so they can’t write on it!

Send secret messages through a banana! “How?,” you may ask, just watch this video and find out. We’ll also show you how to get back at your friends by spraying water on them when through the sink faucet. It’s hilarious! Also, if your friends like magic tricks, they’ll be impressed by the trick where you eat a fork! Finally, if your friend copies your style and gets the exact same drinking cup as you, teach them a lesson by making them drink ketchup!

Have fun!


1:16 – Soaping the chalkboard
3:56 – Writing on a banana
6:45 – Faucet prank
9:38 – Eating a spoon
11:08 – Ketchup in a cup

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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