Funny Beauty Tricks That Actually Work || CRAZY BEAUTY HACKS

Hey everybody! We all have tricks up our sleeves when it comes to health and beauty. For example, some have figured out what to do when they run out of concealer, while others know how to cover up pimples and those dark circles under your eyes. In this video, we’ll share some of our favorite makeup and style tricks that we’ve tried and tested. And they work! So help yourself to some beauty wisdom and take note.

Naughty pets can cause serious damage to our clothes and accessories. If your dog’s latest target was your headband, don’t worry, we know how to bring it back to life. We’ll show you some fun and creative ways to tie your shoes for a unique look. Do you struggle with darkened armpits? We have a hack that might just help you out. You’ll also learn a quick trick to refill an empty lip balm container and a great way to thicken your eyebrows using henna!


1:32 – How to fix a ruined headband
4:24 – Creative ways to tie your shoes
7:02 – Whitening dark armpits
9:45 – Vaseline lip balm
12:31 – Henna brows

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