EASY AND COOL ARTWORK HACKS || 24 Satisfying Ideas with Slime

Oddly satisfying and relaxing slime hacks you’ll adore
Slime is one of the best and most relaxing gadgets you’ll find. At first, the goop looks very unappealing, but once you start playing with it, it’s addictive. So today, we’re showing you some incredible slime hacks and other DIYs you can try at home.
We’re starting with a car tire. Yup, we laid out our favorite squishy toys and ran over them with a car.
We’ve also added some metal shavings into our slimes and did some fun scientific experiments with magnets. Watch the video to get inspired for your next experiment.
One of my favorite experiments, though, was the one with adding makeup into slime. We added a red lipstick into a cup filled with clear slime. We then removed the slime from the cup and mixed the two together.
Watch until the end to discover what other things we mixed into slime.
0:08 – Magnetic slime experiments
2:38 – Clear slime with lipstick
4:59 – Dragon fruit slime
6:18 – Mixing all the slimes
7:17 – Clear slime vs. gold leaf
8:46 – Beautiful glitter slime

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