DIY Ornaments Boho Style! Easy Cricut Crafts this Christmas

DIY Ornaments Boho Style! Easy Cricut Crafts this Christmas

Today we are making some simple but high end looking ornaments that you can use for Christmas decor, or modify them for all year round decor!
I love the neutral look for Christmas this year, and all the projects in this video are inspired from boho/farmhouse/neutral style decor. Most of these we are making with our Cricut, but some of these can be made anytime, by anyone, just for fun!

The products I am using in this video are as follows. I may earn a small commission thru some of the links provided and this helps to support my channel and bring all of you crafting content for free.! Thanks so much for helping support my channel!!

Cricut EasyPress:
Cricut Heat Guide:

Leather Ornaments Fabric (walmart):

Adhesive Vinyl (for stencils):

Wooden Beads:

Faux Leather (white):

Free Pattern for Leather Feathers!

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