When it comes to being human, there are so many things that unite us: kindness, generosity, and… forgetting if we locked the door behind us when we left home! Funny and frustrating situations that happen to all of us are a great source of laughter. So, let’s check out some of those things that make us go “SERIOUSLY?!” After all, we’ve all been there!

Have you ever arrived at work, sat down at your desk, opened your laptop, and grabbed your mug to have a sip of coffee when, suddenly, you try to remember, “Did I turn off the iron?” Yup, we’ve been there too. Or has it ever happened to you that you miss your alarm because who knows where you left your phone. And ah, fresh air, a little exercise, a nice walk in the park when… you step on dog poop. Pick up after you pets, people!

Can you relate to any of these situations?


1:54 – Wondering if you remembered to turn off the iron
4:46 – Falling asleep on the couch and missing your alarm
7:25 – When your friend takes a picture of you
10:00 – Did I lock my car?
12:00 – Stepping on dog poop during a walk

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