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Travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and have some unforgettable prehistoric adventures! Tella and Rockelle from Cave Club were inspired by 5-Minute Crafts and decided to show the DIYs they’ve prepared for Tyra’s Birthday. By the way, Tyra is a tyrasaurus – she’s cute and funny!

The first craft is a fun mini pool for the little dinos. You’ll need a round piece of cardboard to make the pool’s base and non-toxic kid’s clay for the pool’s upper layer. Flatten it out with a rolling pin, and use some more clay to create the pool’s border. To make it more colorful, add more clay colors on the wall. For the finishing touches, fill the little pool with marbles (choose the colors that you like!), and the little dinosaurs from the Cave Club collection are ready to take a bath!

Decorate Tyra’s and the dolls’ heads with a beautiful DIY jewelry piece. Run some colorful craft pearls through a ribbon, add a crystal bead in the middle and then tie the ends together. Then place it on the dinos’ and the dolls’ hair to give them extra color.

A way to complete your prehistoric scene is to add palm leaf decorations. Take some colorful or glittery foam paper and use a pencil to draw an outline of a palm. Then use safety scissors to cut around the edges. After that, grab your non-toxic craft glue and attach a wooden stick to the leaf.

And of course, enjoy more crafts for other toys – like Polly Pocket and Barbie!

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0:08 – DIY mini pool for the dinos
0:43 – DIY jewelry for Rockelle and Tyrasaurus
1:12 – DIY background leaf decorations
1:51 – DIY paper mache unicorn
2:58 – DIY fort
3:33 – DIY rainbow
4:12 – DIY mini sponge for Barbie
4:33 – DIY balloons for Barbie and her friends
5:12 – Tiny DIY hammocks for Polly and her friends
5:47 – Tiny DIY French Parasol for Polly Pocket
6:16 – DIY cabana for Barbie
7:14 – Tiny DIY ice-cream
7:40 – DIY glittery space makeup
8:27 – DIY glittery backpack for Barbie

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