Hey guys! Ready for some new awesome ideas for your beloved phone? Great! Because we have tons of cool gadgets you can use to beautify your smartphone and make it even cooler! We’ll begin with a super handy phone holder necklace that will allow you to have your device at hand at any moment! It will also keep it safe from falls and possible theft.

Another awesome and very useful idea is adding a clothes clip to your phone. This solves the issue of wearing pants or shirts that have no pockets to keep your phone in! Now, let’s move on to phone cases. We have the cutest and most original ideas for your phone. We’ll show you how to make an adorable fluffy rainbow phone case; you can even add a pair of eyes to make it nicer. Then, you’ll see a cool way of painting a galaxy on your phone case using nail polish!


1:26 – Phone holder necklace
3:10 – Phone clip to hang it from your pants
4:47 – Fluffy rainbow phone case
7:23 – Phone case galaxy decoration with nail polish
9:00 – Earbud holder phone case

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