30 Places To Hide Anything In Your House

Whether it’s for safety reasons or simply because you like keeping your stuff hidden, it’s always nice to know you can count on secure hiding spots at home. And by that, we don’t mean expensive, heavy safes with combination locks. You can create your own top-secret hideouts with your own hands. First, we’ll show you a hiding spot for your valuables that no one will ever suspect of: a plant pot!

If you’re the only one at home who likes mayonnaise, then an empty jar painted white will be a great place to keep your money safe. How about taking it up a notch and hiding your dollar bills in popsicles? We guarantee no robber will try looking in the fridge. If you love cookies too much and don’t want to share, try hiding them inside a can of beans. We’ll also show you a few cute ways of hiding surprises for your loved ones.



0:59 – Plant pot safe
3:09 – Mayo jar hiding spot
6:24 – Money popsicles
8:42 – Bean can
11:11 – Pleasant surprises

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