We are back with amazing hacks that will make your life easier! Hooray! Today’s video includes ideas that will help you save time and money, eat healthier, waste less food, and recycle, among other things. Our first hack will help you have toothpaste available anywhere at all times. To make toothpaste drops, all you need is toothpaste, wax paper, and baking soda.

Is your cheese stale? Don’t worry, just soak it in milk and it’ll be fresh again. Another fantastic and very useful hack is the salad in a jar—a healthy meal everywhere you go! Don’t cry over spoiled milk; you can make cottage cheese with it! Just add some vinegar and stir for a few minutes! If you need some curtain holders but don’t have the budget to buy new ones, just take a couple of plastic bottles and problem solved!

Don’t miss out on the rest of our fantastic lifehacks!

0:11 – Toothpaste to-go
3:55 – Fresh cheese
8:21 – Salad in a jar
12:05 – Homemade cottage cheese
14:09 – Curtain holder

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