Hey there! You know what a great way to spend the day is? Drawing, of course! And don’t worry if you’re not an expert. The sole purpose of this video is to show you techniques that will help you improve your drawing skills. You’ll learn how to draw difficult things, like facial features, landscapes, and intricate flowers. So, if you’ve always wanted to become a better artist, then this is your chance to get started!

We’ll begin with the human face: you’ll learn how to draw eyebrows, noses, and eyes. Don’t get intimidated when you see the final result on this video, we’ll guide you through each technique step by step. And it’s easier than it seems, you just have to start with a few basic geometric shapes and build upon them. Then, we’ll show you how to draw beautiful natural landscapes and all sorts of flowers.


1:08 – How to draw eyebrows
3:14 – How to draw a nose
4:25 – How to draw curly hair
6:46 – How to draw eyes
9:24 – Drawing flowers

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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3 Quick Ways to Make Beaded Clothes

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Remembering a Talent

As a child I have been greatly exposed to the arts. I was enrolled in art college, had exclusive art lessons and also was gone into in an art competition at a very early age. Yet when I matured my ability in painting and mapping out, left me and also was changed by one more talent, crafting.

Handmade Paper

You have whole lots of things in your space and all seemed to be ruined. Spending an entire day cleansing it wouldn’t be enough also. There are old books, magazines and also even items of bond and tinted paper around as well as you plan to dispose them.

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Needlework is one art kind with a long background that today’s modern technology has actually required to a whole brand-new level. From what I have checked out, needlework has actually been around considering that guy began to wear clothing, back to the Iron Age. According to background, everything began when male understood that he could make use of string to sign up with pieces of hair to make clothing. I’m sure we have actually all seen images of cave men with stones and bones included in their garments for designs, well supposedly that is exactly how all of it was started. From utilizing bones for decoration, the following action was adding beads and also string to form attractive patterns.

Quilting Memories

Lately, I was undergoing my Hope Chest that I had obtained from my grandparents when I was young and also found the stunning hand connected quilt that my mom had actually made. I can keep in mind when I was more youthful disliking at all times and love that Mama had put right into the quilts that she created us. Little did I know then that I would certainly be a quilter someday as well as have a whole brand-new respect for quilting.

How to Create a Seashell Water Fountain Centerpiece

Developing a seashell water fountain focal point is a wonderful suggestion for your coastline motif wedding party. For a stunning buffet table let your Seashell Water Fountain be the focal point. I created one simply for my function as well as you can as well! Again, you’ll require to select some actually terrific seashells. Your will require a number of instead large coverings, like a conch or spider conch, a minimum of one flat shell, and also coastline glass and also small to medium seashells. You do not require to most of the very same shell, it would be far better if there is a selection.

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