Hey guys! Could you use some help in making everyday life just a little bit easier? Whether it’s a camping hack or a way to avoid cuts from shattered glass, we could all use a hand sometimes. That’s what today’s video is all about. We’ll show you some simple hacks and tricks to make the hard things in life more comfortable. We’ll begin by teaching you how to pack toothpaste when traveling. It’ll save you the headache of packing the entire tube!

If you like camping, we have an idea for a toothbrushing station that we think you’ll love! Also, soap doesn’t have to be boring; you can make your own lavender soap using some dried lavender, an Ivory soap bar, and a silicone mold. When you need a sharp stick but there’s nothing to sharpen it with, you’ll find that having a soda can can come in handy. You’ll see why in this video! And there’s more; keep watching for the rest of our awesome hacks and have fun!


0:45 – Toothpaste to-go
4:14 – Camping toothbrushing station
7:48 – DIY lavender soap
10:23 – Sharpening a stick trick
12:31 – Picking up shattered glass

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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The Best Stamp Supplies for Everyday Needs or for Collectors

There are numerous connoisseur enthusiasts of stamp products, as well as for them, being able to have access to the most effective stamp collections, to the latest items is really essential. There are lots of methods to get stamps and to begin your very own collection, yet if you want to decrease the time, you require to go scouting as well as get the items that you need in a prompt style. The very best way to do it is to look for a wonderful shop that has the ideal feasible items.

Get the Most Out of Postage Stamp Collecting – Tips for a Great Collection

There are several methods which you can start a collection with terrific shipping stamps from throughout different amount of time, different versions as well as additionally a great deal of various kinds. The beginner and also the seasoned enthusiast of stamp supplies can obtain an advantage in making his collection special by adhering to a set of straightforward as well as simple regulations to get one of the most out of his experience.

RC Cars for Sale Can Help You Regain Your Childhood

You probably had your first experience with RC autos when you were a youngster. Even toddlers can have fun with and also delight in easy and rugged RC automobiles, and also they often receive them as presents. The funny thing is that even as we get older we can still acquire equally as much enjoyment from playing with vehicles as we did when we were kids. The cool thing is, with a big range of RC autos available we can all regain a little bit of our young people.

Why Pressing Is So Important in Any Home Sewing Project

Pressing is an essential action in any kind of residence stitching project. The sort of home sewing material as well as the area being pushed establish the proper devices along with the appropriate pushing techniques. The most crucial pressing device is a steam iron.

Stamp Collecting Albums: What And Why

If you’re really feeling eccentric, you can also locate vintage stamp gathering albums online, but also for a cost. They are expensive, yet if you have a collection of classic stamps, they’ll look wonderful in a matching, vintage stamp album.

Stamp Collection: A Hobby Or A Journey?

Hobbies are great activities to keep individuals busy as well as captivated for hrs. Some like gathering points, others like making things. Some people could like making model airplanes or automobiles, while others might such as gardening or paint.

Candle History

Where did candles start? Who was the smart guy or woman that believed,” I could use a bit a lot more light!” and also produced the candle?

Homemade Jewelry: How To Create Your Own Handmade Hoop Earrings

It’s uncomplicated to make your very own hoop earrings, yet a great deal of homemade precious jewelry artists out there get premade hoops! When you make your own hoops, you can figure out specifically how big you want them to be as well as what you desire to make them out of. So, for those brave fashion jewelry makers available who wish to give handcrafted hoops a shot, right here are some basic instructions!

Putting The Fun Back Into Creating A Praise Banner

Just how to conserve resources and also time when sewing an appreciation banner. There are countless reminders creating church banners more enjoyable as well as techniques for adhering textile letters onto the banner.

Help Your Boys Learn Sewing Skills

Stitching is not simply for ladies. Young boys likewise require to find out sewing abilities. There’re a variety of children sewing projects that are for creating short articles boys will certainly such as and also aren’t challenging to do.

The Variety of Contemporary RC Trucks for Sale

The RC trucks offer for sale in today’s marketplace come in a bewildering range. Some are merely toys, yet others are designed to permit their owners to join a variety of tasks. Some are fairly inexpensive, while others need a significant money investment. Whatever a prospective proprietor’s passion, a vehicle can be discovered to deal with it.

Why Isn’t the Importance of Lining Fabrics in Home Sewing Discussed More?

Let’s face it: the best lining sewing fabric has an excellent effect on the look, resilience, comfort, and care of a garment. Since the cellular lining is so vital, it’s taken into consideration the “hidden possession” of a well-made garment. Lining fabrics vary in fiber web content, fabric building and construction, weight, and shade; they are commonly shiny, soft and unsafe. However, take note of the residence sewing textiles created for outfits and blouses – they have similar top qualities and can be utilized as lining materials frequently.

Birdhouses – A Look From the Inside

Claim you are a mother bird. What do you search for when you most likely to visit your new house?

Advanced Techniques For The Knitting Expert

To me, it is a consistent resource of amazement that the brand-new stitches coming out in the residence knitter’s world and also several of us (unfortunately, not everyone) put in the time to discover if and also when we have the chance. In order to keep top of my knitting jobs, I attempt to discover new stitches immediately.

Birdhouse Basics – Eight Facts to Consider

When selecting a birdhouse, looks aren’t all that matters. There are 8 points that you need to consider.

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