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Discover some brand new winter adventures and games with Little PeopleⓇ Toys!

First, there’s the Advent calendar; every day of December, a brand new Little PeopleⓇ toy can be discovered.

Explore the world of skiing with Little PeopleⓇ sliding down the snowy slopes of a mountain-like creation made of a hat of a bunch of cotton balls.

Another exciting winter craft to re-create is the ice-rink for the Little PeopleⓇ figures’ fun ice-skating adventures. Some blue and white paint on a paper plate and a few cotton balls around it are enough to complete the set.

There’s an easy way to add accessories to the play, for example, a knitted winter hat for Little PeopleⓇ figures. Some thick paper, non-toxic craft glue, knitting yarn, and safety scissors are all you need! This creation will be a fun addition to the seasonal adventures of any Little PeopleⓇ figure.

With each character that makes an appearance, a new craft can be created to match the scenery. The reindeer will hang out with the little DIY snowman, and presents will surround the elf.

Watch the entire video to discover all the exciting playsets, vehicles, figures, trains, airplanes, and themes.

Also, enjoy crafts for other brands from Mattel® & Fisher-Price® – Polly Pocket™ toys and Thomas & Friends™ engines!

0:22 – DIY ski slope for Little People
1:07 – DIY ski rink
1:45 – DIY winter hat for Little People figures
2:26 – DIY cookies for Little People
2:54 – DIY fireplace
3:33 – DIY present
3:59 – DIY snowman
5:20 – Colorful Pumpkins for Polly Pocket and her friends!
5:47 – Rainbow!
6:05 – Cloud balloons
6:25 – Train station for Thomas & Friends
7:08 – A cute DIY mermaid crown
7:36 – DIY trees
7:47 – DIY macaroons for Polly and her friends
8:04 – Mini bag for Polly
8:26 – Cardboard bridge for Thomas & Friends
8:59 – DIY colorful paper umbrella
9:28 – Holiday-inspired arch for Thomas & Friends
9:46 – Llama accessories

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

10 Things to Do and Make With Wipeable Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are a preferred and practical family item, producing an easy-to-clean surface for the table that typically looks far better than the table itself. Regardless of their name, wipeable table linens do not have to be kept solely for the dining-room table. If you have an old plastic tablecloth that needs changing or you simply desire something enjoyable and crafty to do with the children at the weekend, here are 10 innovative things to make and also finish with PVC table linens.

Train Model Sets

Childhood years memories are moving your believing to uncover the journeys of train model sets. If you are anything like me your most likely spent time standing at a train quit watching freight cars coming on review. I would certainly count each automobile while I waited. It was not unusual for the engine to be hauling 150 cars and trucks or more.

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Sewing Machine Basic Accessories

Sewing makers essentially have been in existence for hundreds of years. There actually are thousands of various designs and brand names available to everybody from residence hobbyist to industrial embroidery shops.

Basic Coin Supplies That Provide You Exactly the Same Edge As The Pros

The essential objective of every coin enthusiast is constantly to protect and protect the precondition of their silver. In collecting, the coins are safeguarded from damage because they are considered to be very important. Selecting the appropriate collection supplies is an exceptionally import option because it will certainly safeguard the worth and also integrity of the coins.

Yarn Review of Bernat Cottontots

Bernat Cottontots is an exceptional child yarn. Not only is it soft for the child’s skin, but it is likewise more secure for the baby than many other yarns. It is a natural yarn, which implies the child is less likely to experience an allergy to it. Furthermore, the yarn is simple to deal with, and is really durable.

HO Scale Trains – Train Layout Ideas

HO scale trains aren’t simply for kids. Actually, they truly aren’t made for kids at all. They’re meant for teens and grownups alike who are interested with the power of trains and enjoy seeing them rolling down the tracks. When you have an HO train set in your residence, you don’t need to wait to see one moving products across the nation; you can enjoy the experience whenever you such as. Here are a few ideas for incorporating these enjoyable, charming delightful designs right into your home. Your youngsters will appreciate seeing them, and also you will certainly love developing them.

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Easy Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Crochet Blog

Allow’s face it, with a lot competition online, it is virtually alongside difficult to generate sufficient traffic to your crochet patterns in order to make it worth your time. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and also Google+, all work terrific, but they take a great deal of hard work as well as dedication so as to get a large complying with. And also till you get that large following, you won’t obtain much web traffic from those websites.

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