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Fun never goes extinct with Cave Club! Travel back to dyno-time and craft together with Tella and Rockelle. They continue preparations for Tyra’s birthday, and these are the crafts they are sharing with us!

The first craft is a group of magic crystals made of non-toxic modeling clay. Take three different colors of clay (white, purple, and pink), and mix them. Press them down into a square block and, using a plastic safety tool cut into long rectangular prisms and then give them a crystal-like form. For the finishing touches, use white paint on the rocks’ edges to make them look like real ones!

And of course, there is no Birthday party without a cake! Take some non-toxic modeling clay, flatten it out on a surface using a rolling pin, and then give it shape with a plastic, round, cookie-cutter. Repeat the same process with smaller pieces on top. For extra color, decorate the cake with modeling clay around the cake base and then use some more clay on top for the cake glaze. Use a paper straw as the central candle, and voila. Remember that this cake is only for dynos – not people! 🙂

And of course, enjoy more crafts for Polly Pocket and Barbie!

Watch more videos with Cave Club at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtjlDJv1bBg3NHZnj3B7f6A.

0:08 – DIY colorful crystal rocks
1:00 – DIY Birthday cake
1:56 – Tiny DIY tambourine for Polly Pocket
2:31 – DIY glittery peel-off facemask for Barbie
3:09 – Fun DIY rainbow for Polly Pocket
3:27 – DIY clouds
3:48 – DIY disco ball for Barbie and her friends
4:32 – Tiny DIY pumpkins
4:59 – Tiny DIY beds for Barbie’s pets
5:51 – Tiny DIY Macarons for Polly and her friends
6:09 – DIY campsite for Barbie
7:14 – Tiny DIY grill for Barbie
7:31 – DIY mermaid crown
7:57 – tiny DIY handbag
8:20 – DIY glitter fairy lights

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Doll Hospitals

Doll Medical facilities have actually been available for about two centuries. Among the very first known healthcare facilities of its kind was presented in 1830 in Lisbon, Portugal. The outside of the structure is kept in mind to have a sentimental feel to it, being typically tiled in Portuguese style.

Different Options In Making Greeting Cards

The commercial change promptly placed an end to handmade greeting cards. Not remarkably, many of America prefer to get something than make it at residence. If you desire to give a personal card, though, store-bought welcoming cards just will not reduce it. To reveal those cozy, individual feelings, you will have to go out of your method as well as create a hand-made card.

Kids Crafts – Creative Quilling for Crowds – Paper Art Fun!

Quilling – the art of curling paper – is a long-lasting skill! Educate it to crowds of youngsters at events! Discover the very best GLUEOLOGY KEY! A versatile craft for family members holidays, scout troops, parties.

Challenge Coins – Commemorate An Event With A Memory

Finding the right collectible or gift for a team of people can be rather a difficulty. It can be just about difficult to find something that everyone likes, that everyone will wish to keep. Every person has various tastes which can make getting a gift rather a job. If the gift is a token of admiration, nevertheless, a person might intend to take into consideration obtaining some challenge coins made.

Serger Magic: Embellishments by Serger Using the Rolled Hem Stitch

Most of us use our sergers for stitching as well as ending up seams. Did you know your serger can additionally create attractive embellishments? All you need are some gorgeous attractive strings and you can produce various chains, tassels, and fringe to match and also enhance your sewing projects. Using your serger to make these decorations is less costly, saving you money as well as trips to the shop. You are also much better able to match your attractive string to your project specifically, as opposed to going for a close to match, which you could with prefabricated trims.

Model Rail Scenery – 3 Things You Must Build And Options For Each

When it pertains to creating model rail scenery there are primarily 2 means to create the views, construct it or get it. Either means can also be cheap or costly. In some cases just how much time you have could likewise assist you to make a decision to acquire your models or develop them. Nevertheless, there are additionally particular elements of landscapes that can not be bought and these need to be developed.

12 Cheap and Easy Present Ideas for This Christmas

Giving your good friends the best Xmas existing is easy this year! With so lots of enjoyable as well as very easy presents you can make or ideas of points you can get with a budget plan, no buddy will certainly obtain excluded.

Serger Magic: Embellishments Using the Rolled Hem Stitch – Piping and Soutache

Have you ever mosted likely to the material store to locate piping for your task, however nothing matched? Possibly you are not comfortable making your very own, or you require your piping to go for a swimsuit job. Or you want to utilize soutache braid, yet black is also stark for your preference. Your serger will certainly involve your rescue!

What Are Anagrams, and How Can I Beat Them?

What is an Anagram? Playing with anagrams is an amazing and also fun way to enhance your reasoning and problem fixing abilities in addition to enhance your vocabulary. An anagram is a word or phrase that is composed of the same letters of one more word or phrase.

Gold Prospecting

How prominent is gold prospecting? Gold prospecting as a leisure activity is growing as well as larger and also as gold rates increase as well as the economic situation storage tanks further, gold prospecting will just get larger.

French and German Antique Dolls

French as well as German Bisque porcelain, dolls, can be discovered going as much back as the 1840s. Bisque, figures, having a sensible non-glazed skin -like appearance, continued its productivity up until the late 1920’s. In between 1860’s to 1890’s, fashionable lady figures were the biggest pattern, always wearing extravagant, gowns, often cut with shoelace. French designers were extensively known for these beautiful figures of style.

History of Friendship Bracelets

There are various concepts for this beginnings and history of friendship arm bands, mapping the development of the straightforward arm band making with macramé to the modern technique of making a set of arm bands and giving one to a friend and also using one on your own. Modern friendship arm bands are usually used macramé techniques, which is a process that uses binding to make fabrics. The use of knots differentiates macramé from weaving or weaving, which interlock different loopholes of product.

Serger Magic: Decorative Braids by Serger Using the Overlock Stitch

Most of us use our sergers for sewing as well as completing seams. Did you recognize your serger can additionally create attractive embellishments? With a couple of usual concepts and also some lovely attractive string you can produce numerous pigtails as well as trims to match and also decorate your sewing projects. Using your serger to make these trims is more economical, saving you money as well as trips to the shop. You are also much better able to match your decorative thread to your task exactly, as opposed to choosing a close to suit, which you may with prefabricated trims.

The Latest Models At RC Hobbies Stores

The most recent innovation available at any kind of RC hobbies store’s sale will amaze you. The radio control leisure activity is experiencing a technological transformation together with the remainder of the globe. The most recent advancements have generated far more intricate devices and enabled them to do an ever-evolving variety of feats. Better batteries, devices as well as other accessories are likewise readily available at your closest RC hobby shop.

How To Make Your Own Tin Soy Candles

That does not enjoy to have their very own tin soy candles? When a person loves to watch the sight of warm glowing candle lights they would undoubtedly purchase them once more or ultimately make their own. This item makes your home feel a little cozy and it makes a romantic night with your partner or other half sensual and wonderful.

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