This is an #AD for Mattel!

Travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and have some unforgettable prehistoric adventures! Tella and Rockelle from Cave Club were inspired by 5-Minute Crafts and decided to show the DIYs they’ve prepared for Tyra’s Birthday. By the way, Tyra is a tyrasaurus – she’s cute and funny!

The first craft is a fun mini pool for the little dinos. You’ll need a round piece of cardboard to make the pool’s base and non-toxic kid’s clay for the pool’s upper layer. Flatten it out with a rolling pin, and use some more clay to create the pool’s border. To make it more colorful, add more clay colors on the wall. For the finishing touches, fill the little pool with marbles (choose the colors that you like!), and the little dinosaurs from the Cave Club collection are ready to take a bath!

Decorate Tyra’s and the dolls’ heads with a beautiful DIY jewelry piece. Run some colorful craft pearls through a ribbon, add a crystal bead in the middle and then tie the ends together. Then place it on the dinos’ and the dolls’ hair to give them extra color.

A way to complete your prehistoric scene is to add palm leaf decorations. Take some colorful or glittery foam paper and use a pencil to draw an outline of a palm. Then use safety scissors to cut around the edges. After that, grab your non-toxic craft glue and attach a wooden stick to the leaf.

And of course, enjoy more crafts for other toys – like Polly Pocket and Barbie!

Watch more videos with Cave Club at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtjlDJv1bBg3NHZnj3B7f6A.

0:08 – DIY mini pool for the dinos
0:43 – DIY jewelry for Rockelle and Tyrasaurus
1:12 – DIY background leaf decorations
1:50 – DIY alien headband
2:15 – DIY mini sponge for Barbie
2:37 – DIY paper mache unicorn
3:44 – DIY fort
4:19 – Tiny DIY French Parasol for Polly Pocket
4:48 – DIY balloons for Barbie and her friends
5:25 – Tiny DIY hammocks for Polly and her friends
6:01 – DIY cabana for Barbie
6:59 – Tiny DIY ice-cream
7:25 – DIY glittery space makeup
8:12 – DIY glittery backpack for Barbie

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

Different Ways to Present Your Collected Stamps

Collection of Shipping stamps is a method to find out various things such as faith and societies of the nations around the world. It is mainly considered as a leisure activity, however several individuals consider examining stamps for historic functions. These stamps are really breakable as well as can be torn out quickly, so added treatment and prudence is required when it comes to handling of these stamps.

A Passionate Hobby of Stamp Collection

Much of us are eager to accumulate things like money of various nations, antique items etc. We all have listened to of some really unusual world records of people, that like to accumulate points such as container caps, spoons, sticker labels and so on. In a similar way, collection of stamps is an incredibly popular art.

U S Military Challenge Coins Honor Those Who Serve

As a source of pride, U.S.military obstacle coins are among one of the most treasured signs of soldiers. This consists of those who are presently acting as well as retired army and those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Stamp Collector?

Every person on this planet has one hobby or the various other. These leisure activities are based upon the interest of the specific and just how they desire to follow it in their lives. Delighting in a pastime is pursuing one’s passion and also desire.

Different Elements of Greeting Cards Design

Greeting Cards are pieces of folded paper having photos or message on the front (cover) as well as a message inside. Though these cards are offered with various variants and layouts, yet they typically comply with comparable format strategy. They have 3 parts or components – a front side, a back side as well as within.

What Are the Advantages of Home Sewing Fabric-Covered Walls?

Material walls look expensive as well as stylish. They are really functional because they soak up sound, shield, conceal flaws, last a long period of time, and also are very easy to clean. There are 3 fundamental methods of covering walls with residence stitching material: stapling, pasting, or draping. Each approach has its benefits, relying on your wall problems and also the wanted look.

How to Make a Tutu

Tutus are almost everywhere and also most little ladies enjoy to wear them. Anticipate to pay in between $30-$60 for one. But you can make a tutu! With this guide, you can make lots of tutu variations that will wow your household as well as buddies. The overview below will help you get going on making your very own store high quality tutus. What’s even much better is that your child can assist you! It’s quite very easy!

The Beauty of Bead Crafting

Several hobbyists turn toward grain craft tasks, which can lead to a few of the most stunning and also artistic creations available. There are various possibilities to think about when crafting with grains, several of which are featured in this short article.

How To Set Up A Booth At A Craft Fair

The first point you require to do in order to establish up a booth at a craft fair is to make a strategy. That indicates creating a concept of what your craft show booth is mosting likely to look like beforehand.

Simple Craft Idea for Groups: Make a Mural

Most craft ideas are tailored to individuals, whether kids or adults. Often though, you would love to have a craft idea that functions for a group of people interacting. Making a mural together is an idea that benefits almost any kind of group.

Spring Decor – From Flowers to Linens

Upgrading your home for the Spring isn’t just a matter of strategically putting Easter baskets as well as daffodils about the facilities. Just as you put your winter months layers right into storage space during the rest of the year, you must place away all winter stuff when the climate begins to heat. Take the flannel sheets off your bed, toss out the bent wreaths, and usher in the light shades as well as lighter fabrics of springtime. Update your table bed linens to show the changing landscape of shades outside with damask paper napkins and also various other gentle shades.

How to Make Quilt Templates

Layouts are patterns, in a manner of speaking, just with themes you cut the materials you require from solid materials. Otherwise, if you are making patterns you would certainly reduce the design templates from common paper.

List of Stamp Supplies for Collecting Stamps

Stamp products are required for handling stamps very carefully without creating any damage as well as likewise for preserving the stamps in their prime problem. These supplies permit to quickly manage, manipulate, and also securely maintain stamps. The set of equipments required for stamp collection comes with incredibly low prices and hence, a multitude of people around the world appreciate this hobby.

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Making an image framework to present a jigsaw problem is fun as well as fulfilling. Discover out how to place a jigsaw as well as what sort of boards you can adhesive them onto.

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The word pottery is often used to explain many kinds of ceramics. However to the potter it mostly implies a ceramic made from clay and also various other products. Find out just how it takes substantially different materials as well as procedures to make everyday ceramics such as bone china, porcelain as well as ceramic.

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